EV Power Solutions Industrial power solutions for a wide-variety of material handling applications including high effi ciency on-board chargers, modular stationary chargers, DC-DC converters, motor drives and wireless charging systems. Modular Charging Modular high-efficiency charging stations for forklift applications. Our chargers feature high reliability, easy programmability, accurate monitoring to ensure optimal charge and scalability to handle a wide-range of battery types, voltages, and amp-hour ratings in one cabinet. Features • Standard, Opportunity and Fast charging • CANBus communication • Wall or floor mounting options • Maximize up-time • Serviceable fans • System continues to operate if module fails • Sensitive components protected from pollution • CEC compliant MODULES OUTPUT MAX. CURRENT POWER PEAK EFFICIENCY 2 36V / 48V 120A Up to 6kW >92% at full load (400Vac or 480Vac) 72V /80V 72A 4 36V / 48V 240A Up to 12kW 72V /80V 144A 8 36V / 48V 480A Up to 24kW 72V /80V 288A 10 36V / 48V 600A Up to 30kW 72V /80V 360A MODULES OUTPUT MAX. CURRENT POWER PEAK EFFICIENCY 2 24V 90A Up to 2400W >91% at 110Vac 36V / 48V 48A input and full load 4 24V 180A Up to 4800W >94% at 110Vac 72V /80V 144A input and full load