Smart EV Charging Station AMAZON

JuiceBox Pro 40 High Power Smart EV Charging Station

Charge with the top selling smart home charging station that combines speed, performance and smart charging features you need to make charging easy, reliable and cost-effective. Works with all EVs.


Control charging via the mobile app

Schedule charging when electricity is cheapest and set reminders so you never forget to plug in your vehicle.

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Energy Efficient

Monitor, manage, and control your charger via voice commands. Compatible with Amazon Alexa.

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Participate in smart grid programs to further lower the cost of owning and driving your EV (in applicable geographies).

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Easy to use and install: standard plug, small enclosure, lightweight, quick-release mount, weatherproof for indoor/outdoor.

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Available in 32A plug-in installation

Perfect solution for drivers who live in older houses or apartment buildings with circuits limited to 32 amps.


Available in 32A hardwire installation

Ideally suited for older homes and residences with electric conduits limited to 40 amps.


Most powerful 75A hardwire charger

75-amp JuiceBox Pro is ready to charge the biggest EV batteries available.

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